Mass Effect 2 – Digital Deluxe Edition [Download] Big SALE

Mass Effect 2 – Digital Deluxe Edition [Download] Big SALE
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Title : Mass Effect 2 – Digital Deluxe Edition [Download] ASIN : B00457VJEU
Description : The Digital Deluxe edition includes: • Bonus in-game weapon and armor • Bonus in-game Incisor sniper rifle • Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack (digital download) • The Making Of Mass Effect 2 videos • Digital version of Issue #1 of the Mass Effect comic book by Dark Horse comics • Digital 48-page art book • Cerberus Network code granting access to bonus content

Mass Effect 2 -  Digital Deluxe Edition [Download] Mass Effect 2 -  Digital Deluxe Edition [Download]
List Price : $29.99
Price : $29.95
Saved Price : $0.04

Category: Adventure
Brand: Electronic Arts
Item Page Detail URL : more info or buy
Rating : 4.4
Rating : 19
Review : epic game for a bargain week deal
This one of the most popular space related RPG’s on the market with an epic story being told while you play, from the intro of the game, your instantly glued to your seat, you have to play it through.

I got lucky with the collectors edition being on sale for one week under $9 (finally got the better of EA), I was hoping for an ultimate edition or game of the year, but this will do nicely.

Watching and waiting for Amazon to pull another fast one with ME3 Collectors Edition.

I highly recommend buying this game, the story is immersive, characters are enjoyable, your choices will effect the outcome of certain characters and some of the third game. Don’t just jump straight to the third game, you wouldn’t just read the last third of a book.

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