LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter 9443 On Sale

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Title : LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter 9443
Description : LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter 9443
Features :

  • Includes Kai ZX, Lloyd Garmadon and Fang-Suei minifigures, 2 golden ninja daggers and thunder bolt dagger
  • Features mini-snake bomb function, 4 flick-missiles, rotating blades, opening cockpit and 2 snake spinner crowns
  • Accessories include golden Constrictai staff, 2 mini-snakes and jet-pack
  • Launch the mini-snake bombs from the Rattlecopter which measures over 10″ (27cm) long and 9″ (23cm) wide
  • Blast into battle with Kai’s fire-powered jet-pack and fire 4 flick-missiles for an awesome air assault

LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter 9443 LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter 9443
List Price : $29.99
Price : $57.50

Category: All product
Brand: LEGO
Item Page Detail URL : more info or buy
Rating : 4.6
Rating : 48
Review : My nephew loves it!!!
“Santa” gave this to my nephew who loves anything LEGO. He put it together right away, and even though I think it’s scary and ugly, he loves it. He watches the LEGO show that this copter is from and is always on their website. It’s only educational in that you have to follow the directions to put it together the right way, but it’s good for the imagination since my nephew makes up the stories and the situations the Rattlecopter gets into. I recommend it for kids who like LEGOS or like the Ninjago shows.

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