Big Book of Cartooning Get Rabate

Big Book of Cartooning Get Rabate
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Title : Big Book of Cartooning
ASIN : 0762409398
Description :

Discover the tricks of the cartooning trade with help from Bruce Blitz, host of the Emmy-nominated PBS program Cartooning with Blitz. Transform the simplest doodles into elaborate illustrations of a policeman, a lion, or even a unique, original comic strip!
Get out your number 2 pencils! Bruce Blitz, professional cartoonist, television personality, and all-around enthusiastic guy, is going to teach you how to draw! The Big Book of Cartooning is a fun, comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to the basic techniques of cartooning. In his Big Book, Blitz explains the process of drawing cartoons with detailed chapters that cover everything from the selection of paper and pencils to sketching animals and portraits. And don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out right the first time–Blitz’s optimistic style and encouraging words will help smooth over the rough spots. In the forward, Bil Keane, syndicated cartoonist and creator of “The Family Circus,” writes, “It is a brilliant compilation of the many basic aspects of drawing, simplified and presented in a breezy, entertaining style.” Whether you’re a budding young artist or an old dog still scratching out stick people, The Big Book of Cartooning can help you sketch more interesting and expressive pictures. Reading this book won’t necessarily turn you into the next Gary Larson, but with a little guidance from Bruce Blitz and a lot of practice, you could be drawing better cartoons in no time! –George Laney

Big Book of Cartooning
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Rating : 4.9
Rating : 33
Review : Very good
A casual glance through this book originally made me think it looked too cutesy and not what I wanted. I’ll still say that too many of his characters and examples are cutesy, and rather stilted. But there’s a lot of excellent material here. I found several tips that I (so far) haven’t seen in several other books. I’ve had several nagging questions: Exactly how do I get things done? How is a finished cartoon created? On what size and kind of paper, using what tools? Blitz walks you through all of that stuff. The section on drawing backgrounds and perspective was also really handy.

I’d say this is the single best book I’ve seen to get started on cartooning. Even if you want to draw some other, very different style (like, some kind of dark Batman comic or something), if you have little or no cartooning experience, this book will be helpful.

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