LEGO Star Wars Battle Droid (8001) photo 01

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LEGO Star Wars Battle Droid (8001) photo 01
Battle droids know no fear! These foot soldiers of the Trade Federation Army fold up for transport … unfold for battle!Build your own battle droid from the ground up with this TECHNIC Star Wars: Episode I set from LEGO. A far cry from the simple LEGO designs of yesteryear, the 328 plastic pieces in this advanced LEGO system combine to form an impressive replica of the movie’s dreaded mechanized warrior. Although the set comes with an illustrated, step-by-step instruction booklet, its assembly may prove to be too difficult for some younger children, as it requires both patience and careful attention to detail. However, for those with persistence, the assembly of the battle droid can be a valuable exercise in following instructions and a fun way to develop fine motor skills. Once assembled, the battle droid measures over 13 inches tall in battle position and can be folded down for easy storage. Turning a dial on the droid’s back will raise and lower its right arm as it brandishes its battle droid blaster. The set’s small pieces may pose a choking hazard to younger children. –Chris Burns

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