10 Tips To Build A Storage Shed

10 Tips To Build A Storage Shed
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So you are looking at ways to keep your items properly and protected from rain or sunlight. You started to shop around for a storage shed and see what is available, however you just cannot find one that suits your requirement. Well, look no further, you can now build one yourself, even if you’re not a carpenter. What you need to do is follow some easy step by step plans, and you will have it built in no time.

  1. Draw up a plan where you want to build the storage shed. You need to have a designated place planned out before you start. How much space you have available will influence the maximum size you can build the storage shed.
  2. Once you have determine the actual size,it is a good idea to prepare a sketch of what you want. There are many home improvement stores that you can take your sketch to. They will draw up your storage shed plans for you, according to your specifications. They will also come up with a list of materials that you need. So now you have your plans. Further more, they will furnish you with a guide on how to carry out each step.
  3. Buy the materials you require as listed in your plan and it is a good idea to have everything you need, so you do not have to keep running out for supplies once you start building the storage shed.
  4. Now you are ready to build the storage shed. Flatten the ground and prepare to lay the foundation. You should by now decided whether you are going to have a wooden floor or concrete slab type.
  5. Next comes the side walls. Put your materials aside that you are going to use for this. It is best to build the walls on the ground then lift them into position once they are together. You will need to follow your guide on how to construct it.
  6. The roof will come next, where you will need to work on your trusses. So build one than use it as a example for the rest. Once again follow your guide on how to build the trusses.
  7. By now your storage shed should be taking on some shape. Next it is time to build the end walls. You will have to look at your plans, on how to do this. Be sure to stay with your original plans.
  8. This will be the final steps where the trim is just as important as the rest of your structure. Its what gives it that complete look so don’t scrimp here.
  9. The last two steps are applying the shingles for the roof then treating the wood. The wood must be treated with some protective coating to protect it from the weather conditions and rotting. This can be varnish, stains or paints whatever is your choice.
  10. The storage shed is almost done. All that is left is sit back and admire your completed storage shed. If you had not built it yourself you would think it was a professional store bought model.

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