25 Useful Tips For Learning Urdu Language

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A language is not an academic topic that you can pass or fail, instead it is regarded as a useful means of communication. There are no failures in it and keep in mind that you are not appearing in any exam or test. There are various degrees of success when you can use that particular language. Therefore, you must not aim for perfection. You have to set small goals for learning language. By concentrating little on the grammar, you will do fine.

  1. Whenever you are first starting out, you have to listen to the target language as much as possible without putting your effort in speaking it. This will help you in acquiring an ear for the language.
  2. It is important to develop a deep desire for learning foreign language. Without having a desire of learning language, you will not be able to go far.
  3. Allocate more time in learning Urdu as it often gets wasted. Avail every opportunity everywhere for learning.
  4. Broaden your thinking and analyze every phrase not the individual phrase. It is very easy to keep in mind and remember a phrase like bread and butter as compared to remembering every word in isolation.
  5. It is better to use your imagination as the visual images can certainly help you in remembering your words.
  6. Develop new stories with your vocabulary. Any words that you have in mind think and translate in Urdu language, first write it into your native language and then look for it in the urdu language.
  7. You should try to listen to the internet radio broadcasts and podcasts as much as possible.
  8. Watch various documentaries and videos in Urdu.
  9. It is better to utilize the BBC for listening to news in Urdu language and also get the lessons in your target language as well.
  10. You can use small notebooks for checking the vocabulary and various phrases.
  11. Do invent the phrases that can help you in remembering new and different concepts.
  12. You can also use bilingual dictionary mostly, for not just looking for the specific words but for browsing it through as well.
  13. It is important to draw columns on paper, write words in your native language on the right and target language onto left side. This allows your eye to scan very easily to one column to next and it also helps your brain for absorbing that particular word.
  14. Write and compose a children’s book in Urdu language. You can certainly make it silly and utilize some simple concepts as child will be reading the book.
  15. You can certainly learn the past tense before learning the present tense and saving the future tense for the end.
  16. You should also try to practice the unfamiliar sounds in the urdu language in shower or in doing any other activity.
  17. You can certainly use computer programs and various free online dictionaries for learning urdu language.
  18. It is better to read slowly in urdu language for making steady progress.
  19. It is important to read the bilingual books in the target language that you are already familiar with in your native language.
  20. Also try to read comics and cartoons in the Urdu language.
  21. Do not get discouraged by committing mistake, this will happen in the beginning.
  22. Read the grammar books for making your concepts clear about the Urdu language.
  23. Start to think in Urdu Language as well.
  24. You can place the stickers on the daily items after you have learned about them.
  25. You will certainly get the occasional break for allowing your mind to look out for new words of vocabulary.

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