6 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes

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When it is time to paint, exterior paint colors reflect the character of your home. Painting exterior brick presents a challenge, simply because house brick “must” be red. Read on and find out why red is not necessarily among the best paint colors for brick homes.

Exterior Paint Colors Should Complement the Neighborhood Character

Do not paint your house brick purple, just to stand out. Instead, choose to paint exterior brick work with colors that complement those, which are dominant in your area. For example, when it came time to pick out paint colors for our home, we took many drives through the neighborhood and determined that shades of beige and brown are dominant. While I had my heart set on a green tone, it would have made the home stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, we opted for three harmonizing sand tones. As a result, the home fits into the natural flow of the neighborhood.

3 Paint Colors from Dunn Edwards That Your House Brick Will Love!

Twilight Taupe

This is one of the warm neutral paint colors. After prepping your brick, it will give it the illusion of sandstone. Complement it with dark hunter green or dark brown trim.

Mist Spirit

On the other side of the spectrum is “Mist Spirit,” which is a cool neutral paint. Exterior brick will look a bit like marble. Pair this color with darkest brown or white trim.

Frosty Fog

This neutral paint is also in a similar grey hue as “Mist Spirit,” but it has sufficient warmth that it allows you to make use of the violet color families for trim and shutters. Expand on the color of your house brick by planting purple and violet blooming flowers in your yard.

3 Exterior Paint Colors to Choose, When House Brick Is Only an Accent


This brown tone is a warm, neutral color that is sufficiently dark to provide a stunning complement to a light or dark colored home that uses green or beige tones.

Whispering Rain

Opt for this shade when working with a home that is painted in bold green. Rather than using the house brick to draw attention to itself via a dark color, the lightness of “Whispering Rain” makes it a visually pleasing contrast to shades, such as “Bonsai” or even “Dill Grass.”


A classic among exterior paint colors, house brick in this shade works well with greens, blues and reds. It is not the white you might remember from other painted brick surfaces, but instead provides just enough depth to the hue that it makes “Chalky” appear to lend some texture to the overall paint scheme.

Think Twice Before Painting Exterior Brick

Use only paint from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure it is formulated for application to exterior house brick. Moreover, evaluate if you really want to paint exterior brick. Once completed, this step is virtually impossible to completely reverse.





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