Best comic books of all time

Best comic books of all time
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Ask the casual bystander about comic books and they’ll probably point out some of the most obvious candidates imaginable. Superman. Spider-Man. Batman. Wonder Woman. The X-Men. Maybe Captain America. The industry giants, in other words, and all worthy of their titles.

That said, however, there are more comic titles out there than these six. A lot more. Thousands upon thousands more. Some still run; some have been retired in glory; some have crashed and burned. Some are so wonderfully obscure that most people will simply shrug if the name is mentioned. And among these no-names, mixed with the greats, there are the best of the best.

Below are listed five of the best comic book lines of all time. Known or unknown, long or short, culturally important or not, these suckers are fantastic reads. If you ever get the chance to pick up an issue of any of them, by all means, do so. They can, at their best, match any novel, movie or video game for plot intrigue, suspense, drama and character.

– Watchmen. Now a fantastic movie, The Watchmen started out as a fantastic 12-issue mini series by Alan Moore. Released in the late 1980s, Watchmen details the lives of retired superheroes trying to make the most of their post-heroic lives. Some can hide. Some are millionaires. Some even refuse to give up their masks, and fight on in secret – despite a law restricting their actions. Yet all are forced to face judgment when a brilliant plan to manufacture world peace catches them up in its flow, changing the world forever in the process. Watchmen has some great characters and dialog, though it really wins in that it successfully examined the various quirks of people who would put on capes and cowls to protect society.

– Deadpool. He’s been around for a long time, at first appearing as a villain – and, given his Spider-Man-esque looks, Deadpool could easily have proven a lame loser of a villain. But he didn’t, instead getting his own series and a prominent place as the Marvel Universe’s premier anti-hero. Why? Because he’s hilarious. Deadpool is one of the funniest comic book characters of all time, capable of churning out crazy jokes and antics while employing his deadly arts to take out his victims in surprisingly competent fashion. Every comic featuring Deadpool is a zany treat, and so it follows that his own series would be one of the best.

– Batman. For many, Bats is the reason to buy DC comics. He’s the ultimate dark superhero. True, his comics have been of varying quality over

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