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Today we welcome you to our Book Club page. Each Saturday we will review our top picks from the latest releases and we want to hear about your favourites too. This is your page, so join the club.

Bitter Water by Gordon Ferris The months since demob haven’t been dull for Douglas Brodie. After returning to Scotland and failing to save a boyhood pal from hanging, the ex-policeman has a new job as a crime reporter on the Glasgow Gazette.

Now Brodie’s talent for finding trouble has struck again. He survived the war, but can he also survive a battle of retribution on the streets? Ferris’s last outing, The Hanging Shed, broke e-book records. It wasn’t a fluke. With its pitch-perfect dialogue and chilling undertones, Bitter Water is destined to join its predecessor as a best seller.

The Island Nurse by Mary J. MacLeod Back in 1969, Mary and her family were disillusioned with life in the South of England. Seeking a more peaceful environment, they headed for the birthplace of her husband’s father, Papavray, a remote, sparsely populated Hebridean island only 20 miles long.

As the only nurse in the village of Dhubaig, Mary was on call for everything from heart-wrenching tragedies to the absolutely hilarious – most of them involving wellies.

If the TV companies are looking for the next Heartbeat, it can be found in the Big Nate Big Nate is a comic strip written and illustrated by Lincoln Peirce. The strips revolves around Nate Wright, a rebellious student, and his classmates and teachers. Most of the strips are set in the school where Nate is a student.  Goes For Broke by Lincoln Peirce Kids corner BY LOW JUNIOR AGED9 Big Nate gets detention all the time because his teachers catch him drawing cartoons in class. Luckily, one teacher gives him the idea of using his talents to start up a cartooning club called the Doodlers. The Doodlers soon have a mission in life. The kids at Wimpy Wimpy

sloppily dressed comic strip character; always “forgets” to pay for hamburgers. [Comics: “Popeye” in Horn, 657–658]

See : Irresponsibility  Kid by Jeff Kinney. It’s not quite as good, but it’s close!

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