Cartoon Style Pop Art and You

Cartoon Style Pop Art and You
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Years ago, when one of his sons challenged him saying that he couldn’t draw as well as one of the mickey mouse comic books, Roy Lichtenstein gave birth to one of the most amazing art forms of all times in cartoon style pop art.

Characterized by the use of recognizable characters from gum wrappers and cartoons and the usage of bright color tones commonly used in comic book strips, cartoon style pop art set the tone for many artists to follow. Today, it is possible for just about anyone to get a cartoon style pop art painting.

But why cartoon style as opposed to some of the other more plausible styles like warhol or retro? There are several reasons. Here are some of them.

1. Humor is one of the main reasons. Cartoon style pop art paintings are characterized by their comic book style imagery and you can convert any picture into a humourous cartoon style painting.

2. Portraits from phots, cartoon style paintings make ideal photo gifts. Take any photograph of your buddy, your partner or your dad and convert it into a caricature cartoon style pop art painting. And get ready to click another picture of their expression when they see it.

3. Personalized photo gifts are loved by one and all and especially when its something as unique and lively as a cartoon style pop art painting.

This of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. You can do your share of experimenting as there are numerous pop art painting styles to choose from. Warhol style, retro style, 3D style, oil paintings, psychedelica, caricature and much more.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for personalized photo gifts or an addition to your living room, pop art paintings are a great choice.

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