Comic Book Adaptation of ‘The Prince’ by Niccolo Machiavelli is Now Available in Paperback

Comic Book Adaptation of ‘The Prince’ by Niccolo Machiavelli is Now Available in Paperback
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(PRWEB) October 31, 2011

The Prince‘ by Niccolo Machiavelli was written nearly 500 years ago as a composition focusing on political power. In his book, Machivelli dissects the behaviors of individuals and groups as they vie for authority while discussing the different principles that are found within different governing areas. Machiavelli believed that neither religious nor moral commands had a rightful place in politics. Instead, he asserted that political leaders should act in the best interest of the statehood. This meant that personal virtues and morals should hold no bearing on how a prince comes to rule his kingdom, nor should they have any influence on how he maintains his power.

‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli has become one of the most famous books ever written, due to the fact that readers still see similarities in the rise to power spanning five centuries. From the structure of the government to that of giant corporations, authority is still being yielded based on actions rather than principles.

SmarterComics has taken Machiavelli’s observations for gaining and maintaining power and put his words into action with a 21st century storyline. ‘The Prince’ from SmarterComics contains 80 pages of fully illustrated comic-book style panels and tells the tale of a young man who has been betrayed and seeks the ultimate revenge: Power. SmarterComics uses this storyline to draw in a new generation of readers, while maintaining the integrity of the original book.

"SmarterComics are about the main message of a book. That’s why we carefully summarize the original text before preparing the images. The comic book version of each book offers a streamlined, visually appealing experience that is separate from reading the original book. The two mediums don’t compete with one another; instead, they complement each other," said Anthony Fleecs, Project Manager for SmarterComics (

SmarterComics takes best selling business books and turns them into short, easy-to-read comic books. ‘The Prince’ from SmarterComics has been modernized for a new era, and SmarterComics has kept the integrity of the original book while applying the main objectives in a way that readers in the 21st Century can relate to. ‘The Prince’ from SmarterComics will take readers less than an hour to read, while teaching them:

  •     Successful strategies for how power can be obtained, wielded and maintained
  •     The ways in which one can come to rule over people and places
  •     That being a ruler may not make you popular, but it will make you powerful

Readers will be able to purchase the paperback version of ‘The Prince’ from SmarterComics for $12.95.

Fans can purchase this book and many more at:

About SmarterComics:

SmarterComics is a technology driven publishing company based in the Silicon Valley that turns bestselling books into comic books – comics that make you smarter! The company’s award winning illustrators bring talent from prestigious comic companies including Marvel and DC Comics, lending a rich graphical style to the SmarterComics library. Many of their scriptwriters and editors have won awards that are equivalent to the Oscars in the comic genre: the Eisenhower and the Harvey Awards.


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