Dc Universe Guide

Dc Universe Guide
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Online gaming has become an incredible source of revenue for many of the top tier gaming companies. Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG’s) are difficult to produce, balance and maintain, however they represent the possibility of a game which produces a constant stream of revenue as opposed to merely a one-time pay out. The benefit of this for the players is that as opposed to the designers making games whose appeal could die out quickly after the game was purchased, online games have to maintain a consistent and evolving standard of quality in order to build and maintain a healthy population of gamers. This is doubly true if they are charging a fee for the subscription.

The new MMORPG based on the DC Comics Universe will be heavily focused on action and combat, and will therefore place a heavy emphasis on the weapons of the combatants. Much like the online experience of other famous MMORPG’s, the DC Online Universe weapons and skills will be a big part of the players’ experience. DC Online Universe weapons will be in a considerable variety and be derived largely from the enormous pool of superheroes and super-villains who are listed as being characters in the game.

About a hundred different characters are listed as being part of the game, therefore the DC Online Universe weapons and skills will at the very least be derived from a healthy pool of existing comic book characters. This is a very encouraging sign for those who view looting and weapons as an important aspect of online gaming. With so many characters to choose from, DC Universe guides as well as specific guides such as a DC Universe guide to leveling are being sought out by gamers.

It would behoove the manufacturers of DC Online Universe to use their wide variety of characters (everyone from Superman to Swamp Thing) as inspiration for many weapons and skills. The DC Online Universe weapons should serve as source of strong appeal for people looking for a solid online action experience.

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