Do It Yourself Garage Shelving

Do It Yourself Garage Shelving
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Keeping a garage neat and tidy is one of the most overlooked practices around the home. The garage so often serves as storage for items which we don’t have an immediate use or specific location for. By installing garage shelving we can help keep the area neat and organized, so we can find things should we decide to use or get rid of them. Building/installing garage shelving should be a fairly easy task for the do it yourselfer, but even if you don’t consider yourself particularly handly, this is a job you can complete on your own in an afternoon. Of course, you may have so much stuff that you have to do some cleaning just to make room for the shelves, but it will be worth it.

Before you begin shelving your garage, work out the dimensions. Shelves on the end wall need to leave room for the car to get in without holding the garage doors open! If you are shelving the side walls, remember that when you put the car in, you need to be able to open the car door to get out! The scenario of being trapped in your car is to be avoided unless you are in the comic film business. (A narrow garage can still have shelves on the side walls, but you might need to go on a diet to achieve it.)


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