Dota 2 Beta Surveys Are Coming Out!

Dota 2 Beta Surveys Are Coming Out!
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Dota 2 Beta surveys are starting to hit emails around the world. The Valve team has had several rumors of Beta and this mass survey shows exactly how close the Dota 2 beta is. The survey goes over several questions that will give Valve a big mix of differen’t players to draw from. So what are the questions and how should you answer to get into the dota beta?!

Well lets start with you need to have a a decent computer. They will be testing the base requirements for your computer (minum graphics card i bet will be an 8800GT) but I am sure they will want the high end machines to test the extra high graphic settings they have for the game. They even ask if you have a microphone! It is nice that Dota 2 is taking Voice into account when they build this game for the many Dota fans out there. Personally the computer i gave valve was an I7 processor with dual 1 TB drives, 6 GBs of RAM, and a 460GTX graphics card. This computer can play Battlefield 3 without issue so i assume that Dota 2 will be little trouble for it.

Valves questions seem to try and find exactly how you were in Dota 1 and only have one question in relation to the other real time stragety games like League of Legends and Heroes of Neworth. This makes be believe that Dota 2 has pulled alot from the Dota 1 orginal. Specific questions are about how many Death per game you have as well as how many kills. Valve also asks what are your top 5 dota 1 characters you like to play. They also give you a chance to rate your self from 1 – 10 on how awesome you are at Dota 1.

Yet the email did cuase some issues at the link they provided (steam://takesurvey/1/) did not actually work and had to be manually load to your system. This has caused some fustration from players but it is easily fixed. The link just loads up steam to a survey mode so they can gather information about your machine. The Dota 2 Forums are buzzing with excitement about exactly what this means.

Also upon completing the survey you are invite to view the new comic about the tales from the secret shop! I am glad to see that Dota 2 is sticking to the lore of Dota 1.

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