Evaluating the comic book to film adaptation of The Hulk

Evaluating the comic book to film adaptation of The Hulk
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When transferring a story from one medium to another, the story, like language, always loses something in translation. This is inevitable. Each medium has a particular audience, each with their own tastes and expectations. It is unrealistic and romantic to believe that a movie version of the Incredible Hulk can be true to the comic book. There’s too much history.

When watching a movie adaptation, it is the black widow‘s kiss to comparing it to its source. You will be let down. There are only a few cases where the movie adaptation matches of exceeeds the comic book: Spiderman, Road to Perdition and Superman. The Hollywood market is different for the comics medium to allow the original story to survive. What’s more, the comics medium is much more expressive because of how words and pictures interact. As Sin City can attest, it becames too strange and distracting to keep the comic book aspects in the film.

Radical changes in storyline is also an inevitability when adapting comic book stories to tyhe big screen. In order to fit the constraints of a film, huge portions of the story has to be excised, compressed and sped up. What took years to develop in a comic book takes minutes on screen. It is like a .jpeg of the Mona Lisa – you don’t get the full effect.

Another aspect of the movies is the special effects. I can look past the cheap looking CGI effects for two reasons: it is brand new, working a scale that has not been attempted before, and the manhours inorder to create that effect. It is so easy to criticize the worl of others, when the majority of the consumers cannot even figure out how it was done. An artist can draw the Hulk picking a mountain; much more difficult to replicate that on the silver screen.

The best way to watch a comics adaptation is not to expect what the comic book offered. It is unfair and takes away from the experience. Non-comic book fans will enjoy the film more because of their fresh eyes.

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