Funny Comic Strips – How to Make Your First One

Funny Comic Strips – How to Make Your First One
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When you are actively trying to draw a funny comic strip with cool characters, the only requirement is your creativity (or the desire to draw), imagination and your sense of humor.

With proper strategies, you will be able to make your very first funny comic strip in no time at all. The perfect setting will come along as you go.

How will you make your first funny comic kits?

Step 1: You need to practice drawing cartoons like people, animals, backgrounds and different props normally found in our daily lives such as food items, appliances and other similar items.

Step 2: Once you have basic background on drawing, start creating your characters as if you were creating a movie. Choose catchy names to call your characters and experiment what type of character you wish them to portray. Do not limit yourself since your imagination is unlimited.

Step 3: Stop for a while and think of a plot or a story that will send people laughing. It may be about any other ordinary day that is amusing or a story behind the jokes. Remember, it is your plot and you do what you want with it.

Step 4: Do not finalize your copy on the first try yet. Instead, you should first have a rough copy by utilizing stick figures or abstract drawings to plot your story.

Step 5: Make a catchy title for the entire funny strip.

Step 6: Finalize your strip by completing it with colors, all detail and other essentials. You can also color it through your computer if you are computer savvy.

It is important that when you do the rough copy of your funny strips that you use erasable pencils until you get better at drawing and creating characters. Do not be frustrated if you mess up in your first try since learning starts when you mess up. You just need to be patient and try it out again.

Sometimes a great source of inspiration for your Funny Comic Strips is your family. There could be funny moments that you have shared with your family that you can capture the moment and turn it into a comic strip.

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