Getting the Most for Your Comic Books

Getting the Most for Your Comic Books
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Are you looking to offload your comic book collection, but you don’t know what it is worth or where you should try to sell them? Have no fear, this handy guide will set you right and provide some answers.

Assessing the Value

Want to know how much your comic books are worth? Your best source is the Comic Book Price Guide. It is a very large volume produced annually and sold in book stores and sometimes in comic shops.

This book will run you around $20, and it is pretty much the only reliable source for comic book values since magazines that used to serve the same purpose no longer exist. It is also what comic shop owners will use to look up a price on comic book values they don’t know off the top of their heads.

Now just because you have a comic that appears in the price guide, don’t assume you will get the listed price for it. You need to take in account the comic book’s condition, as creases, stickers, markings, or small tears can easily cut the value in half.

Also, the market for collectible comic books has greatly diminished from what it was fifteen years ago. You are really going to have to put some effort into getting top dollar for your collection.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Comic Book Reselling

Don’t try to get a premium price at your yard sale. People at yard sales are going there for deals, not for overpriced issues of Thunderstrike. Do try to nab collectors at flea markets, as they are often where people go for rare or collectible items.

Don’t expect comic shops to want to buy up your 3,000 comic book collection at top dollar. A lot of comic shops are sitting on thousands of back issues they will never sell, so they usually only go for great deals or really rare stuff.

If you have early issues of Amazing Spider-Man or Action Comics, you can bet comic shops will want them. Try to sell them off individually for the best price, and try a few comic shops if one shop cannot afford all of your goodies. If you have trouble finding a comic shop in your area, try

Do try online auction sites like Ebay to draw out the hardcore collectors. Be very specific about what comics you are selling, to maximize your buying audience. Include a picture of what you’re selling, if at all possible.

Comic Confusion

Many comic book series have restarted and rebooted so many times that it can be hard to tell what comic you have. The best way to tell is actually not from the cover. If you open the comic book to the first page and check the fine print at the bottom, you will see exactly what volume of the series you have and what year it came out.

That will make it infinitely easier to match up what you have with the price guide. This is especially true of comics with confusing covers, where publishers have obscured or warped logos or left off the issue number altogether.

Also, if most of your collection is from the 90’s or early 2000’s, don’t expect to get much for each issue. During that time, every publisher except Valiant Comics produced massive print runs of each issue, essentially de-valuing them. That’s not to say Valiant Comics are worth a lot, though, as anything besides the first few issues of their major series can be found in the bargain bins.

Just because you’ve never heard of some comic book you have in your collection, that doesn’t mean there is not a serious collector out there willing to pay good money for it. Obscure titles like Iron Fist, Amazing Fantasy, and Showcase were actually the first appearances of major characters like Sabretooth, Spider-Man, and the Flash.

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