Gnome Sweet Gnome: Create a Whimsical Yard with Garden Gnomes

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People just love their garden gnomes! Those little guys liven up any outdoor space. Gnomes have been referred to as trolls, elves, and fairies but the garden gnome is by far the most popular for homeowners. Some are said to bring good luck, while others are nothing but bad news.

Gnome Sweet Gnome: Create a Whimsical Yard with Garden Gnomes

Got Gnomes? 

People love to collect these little guys. There are even festivals that attract happy owners every year. Some of these folks belong to special clubs where they regularly meet to trade and collect gnomes (treating them as if they were precious metals). These owners are quite serious about their hobby and are happy to share their knowledge on these whimsical garden ornaments.

 The traditional male garden gnome is a small character with an elf-like appearance and a head that is a bit too large for his body. They have human features and most males have white beards. Some have pointy ears and a devious smile, while others possess a friendlier and more welcoming grin. Many of the males wear brown trousers, felt boots and a long sleeved shirt with a wide leather belt to hold their tool pouches. The males also sport a pointy hat, often red in color. The females wear long skirts and long-sleeved blouses with greenish colored hats.

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