Harry Potter Costumes – Create Your Own Hogwarts Wizard!

Harry Potter Costumes – Create Your Own Hogwarts Wizard!
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Black robes; a wand; messy black hair; black, round glasses; and a lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead. Red and gold robes; a broomstick; a tiny golden ball with wings; messy black hair; black, round glasses; and a lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead.

These are the two of the popular Harry Potter costumes come Halloween ever since the first Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, came out in 2001. Harry Potter’s own brand of wizard has been widely adopted by kids and adults alike and has become a staple outfit when the calendar hits October 31st. One could see a dozen Harrys in their Hogwarts robes or in their Gryffindor Quidditch gear walking down the streets.

From the simple black school robes, costumes have evolved to depict the other well-loved characters from the movies. The tremendous popularity of the Harry Potter movies has made close to a million fans to want to dress up as their favorite characters. With all these characters wandering the streets, it might be possible to create an impromptu Harry Potter movie right in your neighborhood.

Buying Harry Potter costumes from costume shops can be expensive, however. Here are tips on how to dress like a witch and wizard and create your own Harry Potter costumes.

Harry Potter in School Robes – Find a black graduation gown and put on a Gryffindor patch. If you know how to embroider, there are a lot of patterns for the Gryffindor House patch available from different web sites. If not, silkscreened patches will do. For your inner wear, pair up black slacks with a white long-sleeve polo and a red-and-gold striped tie. Put on a black cardigan. Finish your look with a pair of black, round glasses and draw a lightning bolt scar on your forehead. Don’t forget your wand.

Harry Potter in Quidditch Robes – Instead of a black robe, find a scarlet one and put on a Gryffindor patch. For your inner wear, put on a pair of khaki slacks and a red knitted sweater. If you can find knee and elbow pads, all the better. Don’t forget your broomstick and the trademark round glasses and lightning scar. To make your Golden Snitch, paint a small Styrofoam ball gold and attach some wings made out of yellow pipe cleaners.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger – Making a Ron Weasley costume is the same as Harry Potter in school robes, only that Ron has bright red hair and lots of freckles, which may require a wig and an orange marker. Hermione Granger’s school robes are also similar to Harry’s and Ron’s. For her inner wear, find a pleated black skirt and pair it with a long-sleeve button down polo, red and gold striped tie, and black, knee-high socks. Complete the Hermione look with bushy hair and books.

Hogwarts Student – If you don’t want to be Harry, Ron, or Hermione and be just a regular Hogwarts student, simply replace your colors of your patches and ties. Gryffindor students wear red and gold ties, Slytherins wear green and silver, Ravenclaws wear blue and bronze, and Hufflepuffs wear yellow and black. You can find the different patterns for the different House crest patches from various Harry Potter fan sites.

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