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Everyone is not in agreement as to the answer to this question.  In ancient times the common belief was that there were many gods.  (Note that when speaking of ‘gods’ in the plural it is customary to use a lower case ‘g’.)  With the coming of Abraham mankind was informed that there was but one God.  (Out of respect for this one God it is customary to use an upper case ‘G’).  I must admit that throughout my life all the people I ever had any connection with believed in the one, same God.  Even people belonging to numerous, diverse religions.  So I concluded that this belief was universal.  However, since becoming a member of Gather, an institution I discovered is also universal, embracing as it does, members from a large and diverse population of nationalities and religions.  Again, out of respect I employ an upper case ‘G’ when referring to this esteemed membership, although in no way do I wish to imply even the remotest affinity between the two.

In my communications with Gather members around the world I have discovered, much to my amazement, that there are some who believe there is no God – that He does not exist.  In support of this argument they draw upon their perception of logic, citing the absolute lack of scientific evidence to support such a contention.  It would be beyond the scope of this article for me to set forth all of the proofs and evidences for the existence of God.  Suffice to say that such a belief exists.

To my further amazement I have learned that there are some, presumably people going by the name ‘Christian’, who, despite what Abraham said, claim that there are two gods – a good one and a bad one – if such a thing could be imagined.  The good one they call, simply, God, or in some case the grossly inacurate and blasphemous ‘Jesus’.  The error of this misapprehension must be left to another, separate article for clarification.  The bad one they call ‘devil’, ‘satan’, or some other name.  Note the use of lower case letters here.  The abode of this evil one is in some mythical kingdom called ‘hell’. 

Those who invented a personage to be the god of evil needed an entity to represent the power of evil, since evil, they say is a reality.  However anyone with the slightest degree of common sense can see that evil does not exist.  What we refer to as evil is nothing more than the absence of good.  Take away the good, or God, and what you have left is Godlessness, or evil.  In the same way darkness does not exist; there is no force or power creating darkness.  Just turn off the light and what remains is darkness.

Now without going into proofs and evidences for the above contentions, I am asking the wise and discerning Gather members among us to voice their views on this important matter.  How many gods are there?  None, one or two?  You decide. 



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