How To Design Your Website To Make Money

How To Design Your Website To Make Money
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Does making money from a website seem a little daunting? Well, actually, if you know what to do, it really is quite easy. If your website is not making money there are a few changes you can make to bring in a profit.

The appearance of the website itself may be what is causing you to lose money. There are certain expectations that people have of a website when they are surfing. They expect to see the layout in a particular way and if you go against what is perceived as the “norm” for a website, people are going to leave your site thinking there is a problem. When this happens, you have lost a sale or a potential prospect for your affiliate program.

It is imperative that you do not leave a huge blank spot on your site. Huge chunks of white space are not attractive to users and it appears as if something is missing from the site. You can use white space to your advantage however, by not cluttering your site. Keep the graphics to a minimum. Have a clear masthead along the top of the site or the left hand side. That is where user tend to look first.

All pictures and graphics should be spaced reasonably without leaving a huge gaping white block. Use a few ads as pictures to up your Google rating. When you are involved as an affiliate with various programs, this will give you plenty of links and ads to place in areas where there is nothing else. Thus also creating an additional stream of income when your site is visited and your program is offered. Make sure that what you are promoting is relevant to the title on your webpage. In other words, if you are promoting software, and your title page is “Software To Help The Affiliate Marketer” or whatever, you don’t want to have links for e-books unless the e-books are specific to the software you are promoting. It seems silly to have to mention this part, but I have seen websites designed just that way…almost as an after thougt.

Google Search is becoming a hot item to have on a website. Stick one of those on your site and user will be able to search the Net, and your site as well. Google Adwords is a definate must if you are serious about making money with your website. Sign up is free and very easy. You will make money from page impressions and when people click on the particular adsense links. Keep track of earnings by logging into your accout on occassion.

Create link backs to your site by aligning up with other webmasters that are promoting the same thing you are. You put a link of their site and you put theirs on yours. You don’t have to worry about losing sales because you will make money from visitors being on your site because some visitors are going to buy your products. This is a great way to increase your Google ranking and draw user that normally would not find your site, especially if it is a new site.

Clicking on your own ads is a complete waste of time and frankly it is cheating. You will be too busy generating traffic to your site that you will not have time to click the ads enough to make any substantial money. Word of mouth is the great method starting out to let everyone you know you have a website. Tell everyone and e-mail everyone you know and send the link to your site so they can immediately be taken to your site when they click on the link. You will visit, some won’t.

Patience is a virtue – and when you are starting your business with a new website, it is going to take some time to attract those visitors. It is important that your site is always maintained to make sure you do not have any broken links and replacing ads on occasion to ad fresh content. Once you get the hang of your first site, it is a great idea to have another one, perhaps a really great affiliate website that you can customize and make changes too. This will allow you to link from one site to another further creating additional revenue.

To truly become successful on the internet remember this: “Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them.” Zig Ziggler

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