How To Draw a Comic Book Super Hero's Cartoon Logo Design?

How To Draw a Comic Book Super Hero's Cartoon Logo Design?
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If you think that the super hero monograms are random and casual, then you are wrong!

There is careful thought and consideration behind all the elements that are used in the design from the image to fonts and colors.

They should be used in such a way that the comic hero’s cartoon logo design should be a perfect depiction of the character’s personality.

Let’s have a look at the kind of fonts, colors and images you can use for your super hero’s brand mark:

1. What fonts can you use?

The image that a hero wants to portray is one of strength and authority. Using straight fonts can help you with that image. Curvy fonts look informal and relaxed whereas straight fonts depict ability and talent. Use straight fonts with sharp edges to show that your hero means business and that he is here to stay.

2. What images can you use?

Let your character’s personality shine through.

For example, take a look at Batman’s emblem. It’s a silhouette of a bat on yellow background.

The silhouette signifies night, the time when he rises as a hero while the yellow color signifies the sun which is the opposite of night.

The superman symbol also has yellow but there it signifies the sun as superman needs it to reactivate his powers.

The flash emblem consists of a bolt of lightning because his secret power is incredible speed and agility.

What is your super hero’s special power?

Can he read minds? Then why not use an image of a diamond in the symbol to depict clarity and to show that nothing is hidden from him or you can also use the symbol in the logo with a mirror image on the bottom to signify transparency.

Does he have great eye sight and he can fly? Then why not use a hawk to represent him and use an illustration or a silhouette of the same in the brand mark?

3. What colors can you use?

The colors that are most prominently seen in these designs are red and black. Red color signifies energy, passion, anger, aggression and violence – all the traits that our comic hero will surely have. The color black signifies authority and influence which our hero will surely have due to his super natural powers. Black also signifies mystery and secrecy which are significant parts in any hero’s lives.

Other colors that are popularly seen are yellow, silver and blue. Yellow symbolizes the sun and is an eye catching color while silver represents sophistication and style – two traits necessary if our hero wants to gain respect of the audience. Blue symbolizes dependability and trust of the people.

The colors that you never see in comic hero cartoon logo designs are pink, ivory or lavender – colors that are mainly associated with femininity and womanliness.

Hence, while designing your super hero’s emblem make sure that you take all the important aspects of his personality and craft it into the form of a monogram so that it reflects his true essence.

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