How to draw cars

How to draw cars
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Cars! Trucks! Vroom! Beep beep! Cars and trucks and moving vehicles of all kinds fascinate and delight children, especially little boys.

Help them experience that fantasy more fully by drawing cars with them during arts and crafts time.

Cars and trucks are relatively simple to draw, since they’re basically simple shapes. Since cars are simple shapes, drawing them with your little one is also an opportunity to learn about shapes and, with some crayons or different color construction paper, you can learn about colors, too!

Before you start, remember that kids might need help drawing, but they never need help with their imagination. Cars can be drawn with simple shapes, but with the imagination of a child they can be anything your little one wants it to be! Let their cars have wings, a mustache, with blades coming out of the doors, twelve wheels or no wheels!

For kids, drawing is an artistic experience and a chance to stretch their imaginations. Teach them to draw the basics, and then let them do the rest. You’ll surely be surprised with the results!

Cars can be drawn with just four simple shapes.

The shapes cars are made of:The car starts with two circles wheels. The wheels are the base of the car, and they’re just two circles! Anyone can draw a car, even kids!

On top of the two circles, place a long rectangle to make the body of the car.

Above that rectangle, draw a square to make the cab of the car.

With just four simple shapes, you can draw a car! Add more shapes to make more detail of the car. You can add another square in the cab for a window, or circles inside the wheels to make hubcaps.

After you master drawing a car, try making a car with construction paper. Cut out each individual shape and glue it all onto another piece of construction paper for practice cutting and gluing.

To make it look a little more life like, round the edges of the shapes.

Of course, if you want to draw a fancy sports car or an antique Model T, you’ll have to change things around a little. To keep the cars easy for your to draw, though, keep the lines simple and stick to shapes.

For fun, give the car a personality. Draw the car with eyes and a mouth. Give your car a fun name and encourage your child to do the same. Drawing should be fun, a time for you and your child to connect, so instead of creating the perfect replica of a Ford, be goofy and enjoy drawing!

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