How to Draw Cartoon Characters

How to Draw Cartoon Characters
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Well, if it was not for the great Walt Disney, I am certain that most of us adults would have lost one of the most amazing things that one can experience. Yes, no prizes for guessing, I am referring to cartoons! The awesome Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Superman, Batman and umpteen others snuggled so easily into our lives! By the time we realized their entry into our world, we were already head over heels in love with Goofy, Pluto and the others! Even today, cartoon characters are a part of kids fantasies, needless to mention their favorites, Dexter, Tom and Jerry and Pokemon etc. While watching them do their antics most of us must have even tried drawing them! If you haven’t tried till now, perhaps the following text might give you the required boost.

Drawing Cartoon Characters Step by Step

Which is Your favorite cartoon?Before you begin drawing, you have to decide which is your favorite cartoon character and zero in on the one you want to draw.

Step 1 Once you decide which is the character you want to draw, grab a pencil and roughly sketch the basic shapes of that figure. Also decide, if it is just going to be the face, or the whole body. An easy trick to do this is to segregate the body parts into ovals, curves, boxes, lines and circles. As you proceed, think about the personality of the character. Is it a funny cartoon or a villain? The ovals and the boxes and these shapes for body parts should be in sync with the personality. It could be anything, from happy to grumpy and from brave to timid. You would have to draw accordingly.

Step 2Then the next thing you need to do is to draw the correct posture of the character. If it needs to be bold and courageous, it should probably have broad shoulders and should be tall. On the other hand, a character like droopy, will be kind of lazy with falling shoulders and may be his head would be bent down. Once you have done this, the basic outline and are through with the physique of the cartoon, you have almost won half the battle. Drawing the face, will give you an idea of the proportion of all the other body parts. Then after the outline, make the details of the face, especially eyes and other body parts. I have noticed that female cartoon characters, like Minnie have very pretty eyes! They look as if they were born with mascara applied! Thus, the point is to make the face very expressive. Youthful faces are round with big and round eyes, while the male characters are portrayed well through skinny faces and beady, small eyes.Now things get a bit complicated.

Step 3After the basic outline and sufficient detailing of the character, it is time now to embellish it. You already know what kind of clothes your favorite cartoon wears. If it is a superhero, it will be a larger than life image hence, the clothes should depict that. If it is someone like Minnie Mouse, she should be decked up in a pretty frock, with a bow and cute footwear, perhaps peep toes or something like that. All in all, it needs a meticulous outlook and an eye for detail, to have that perfect attire for the character.

Step 4Post the desired sketch of the cartoon character, highlight the lines with ink or marker. Then get set to play with colors. Paint, color pencils or markers are just about perfect.

To wrap up the cartoon session, I would say that when you want to learn drawing, it is better to choose a character which is simple, to start off. Then you can advance to complicated designs. There you are! Now I am certain that you are all set to give this a shot, aren’t you? Then what are you waiting for? Pick up your color palettes and give it a shot!

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