How to draw cartoons

How to draw cartoons
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Drawing cartoons is a fun filled activity which is enjoyed by the individuals of all ages and every walk of life. At some point of our lives if we go through the doodles that we have sketched on our notebooks, we are sure to find one or two cartoon characters. One of the best parts about cartoons is that one can accentuate the basic shapes to mold them into cartoon characters. All one has to do is master the art of basic shapes that include circles, squares, rectangles and use them in an apt manner to create the facial and the body parts. Some of the people prefer using the stick method when trying to draw or teaching how to draw the cartoon characters. As an initial step the stick method can be very beneficial for learning how to make the basic body shapes for the cartoons. One can use the same method, to develop complete comic strips as well. In most of the schools this method is being taught to the children as they can better associate with the shapes and yet, bring to life their sketch books with their creative thoughts as projects. Further features can be added to the stick figures as the cartoon details. For example most of the children differentiate the genders with the help of hair length and make use of the signature accessories like royal necklaces for characters sketches of Kings or Queens. In the recent era one can also use the various programs to sketch the cartoons on the World Wide Web and animate them at the same time using the basic animation tools provided on the interface of the program. Most of these programs also offer free tutorials that can be watched to learn the basic techniques of sketching the cartoon characters. The tips and tricks learnt from these tutorials can be employed in the real life as well, in order to improvise one’s skills of sketching or drawing the cartoons. One of the best things about most of these tutorials are that they are visual representations that can be replayed at any time in the project when one is facing difficulty in drawing the cartoon. The results of the cartoons drawn on the World Wide Web can be saved on the program servers or to the personal computers as well and can also be printed out to share with friends and family. Drawing the cartoons is a fun filled activity, which is equally popular among the men and the women, children, adults and the seniors, who find it a captivating hobby which allows one to experiment with the colors and shapes.

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