How to get started in Webcomics

How to get started in Webcomics
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I’ve been a fan of comics ever since I was about five and for many years I always had the dream of becoming a comic writer and illustrator. While I will not bore you with the details, that dream was kind of put on hold for many years and eventually I kind of gave up hope on pursuing that dream. I mean lets face it, Out of all the Submissions (Roughly in the hundreds of thousands)that get sent to comic companies, only a few actually get seen, and out of those few, a handful actually get work doing the Illustrations and writing. While it is possible to start your own company you still have to deal with distribution, printing both of which have costs which would put that out of reach to Most people.

Then came the Internet.

Here on the world wide web, People can put out all sorts of blogs, artwork and things which will get people at least known to a small group of people willing to look at your art and at a worldwide market place.

So I finally dusted off My art pad, ran to the local 99 cent store and started producing my web comic. Over the past couple of years I have seen not only my artwork develop, but also I have met some really cool people who actually like My stories and are willing to give chunks of their time to follow my stories. Some of which have been detractors, others have been loyal fans.

I finally decided that I would share some of My own insights in getting started in the hopes of inspiring someone else to Join the web comic community and perhaps become well known doing the very work they love.

Here’s just a few of My recommendations:

1) Come up with a story: It doesn’t have to be an entire novel, just come up with a basic idea, background and characters then start from there. While it does help to have a fully developed background, you can always leave room for improvement.

2) Be Original: While there is a plethora of Comic book backgrounds and stories out there, Sometimes the best story you can tell is one that you created, this way you dont have to deal with too much drama involving copyrights especially if your book winds up getting printed.

3) Put it out there: There are plenty of sites where you can set up your webcomic, some of the best site’s to start is,,, believe it or not blog sites are great in setting up your web comic because the audience is right there, the comicgenesis and drunk duck sites are specifically geared towards webcomics in general

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