How To Keep Your Wallet Safe From Pickpoketers

How To Keep Your Wallet Safe From Pickpoketers
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Majority of people consider identity theft as an electronic crime. But the truth is that only 11% of identity theft happens as a result of online spam and more than 50% of identity theft that occurs in the US is due to pickpocketing as well as other ways such as dumpster diving, cloning your card details using a special kind of device, and stealing your mailbox. In fact, being alert all times and safeguarding your wallet from pickpocketing can help you to prevent identity theft to an extension. Discussed further in this article are some important tips to keep your wallet safe from pickpocketers.

As the first step, always keep your wallet close. Avoid keep it in your back pocket or in your jacket’s side pocket, especially when you are in a busy airport or metro station or while walking along a crowded street. It is advisable to carry your wallet in your front pocket. If you prefer to store your wallet in your jacket’s interior pocket, then don’t forget to zip your jacket.

A bulky or fatty wallet can easily draw the attention of a thief or a pickpocketer. Hence, slim down your wallet when you go outside. It is recommended not to carry more than one credit card or debit card in your pocket. Likewise, don’t carry too much of money in your pocket. If you carry ATM card in your pocket, it is better to store its pin number in your mobile. Further, never carry such critical information as social security card in your wallet, as it can be used by thieves to commit some serious crimes.

Equally important is to organize your wallet in proper way via removing all unwanted bills from it. In addition, prior to leaving from the home, maintain a list of items that you carry in your wallet, as you cannot rely your memory all times. When you return home, just verify the list in order to ensure that all your documents are safe.

Aforementioned are just few tips to safeguard your wallet. However, if a thief adept in his field, sometimes nothing can stop him from stealing the wallet containing valid information. One of the best options to overcome such situations is to use iWallet – the high tech cash and credit wallet introduced by Iwallet Corp. A specialty of this wallet is that it could be opened or accessed only if it recognizes your finger print. In other words, once your finger is associated with its incorporated biometric scanner, only you could open and access it.

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