How to Make Money With Art

How to Make Money With Art
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You would think a talented artiste or photographer would get little trouble promoting their artwork these days. You send letters to design companies and mail in your sketches, waiting patiently for that envelope to fall through the postbox with an interview. So you can trundle along with your brilliant drawings and pictures to exhibit to the company concerned. But alas, things are not all that straightforward. They SHOULD BE I hear you say. But unfortunately its bloody tough getting noticed and thats since at this time there are hundreds of artists and photographers all trying to do the same thing. All waiting for the phone calls and emails to be returned. And in the meantime you produce many more fantastic pictures, drawings, logos, and cartoons which you know the public would love if only they could possibly get to observe them!


Well if all this sounds familiar, here is a way to tackle the difficulty that does not cost a lot of money, solely by using the PC. Really if you think about it, nothing could possibly be simpler than to submit your drawings on line so others can download them and reimburse you each day. Actually if you love art and doodle, or sketch, or illustrate for fun ,this idea on its own ought to get your adrenalin going. The possibilities are endless, think about printing logos or patterns for textiles. You don’t even need to be a brilliant designer as these things like everything ,can be learned with the correct training. One drawing can be downloaded many times over several months , giving continual income for the same creation.


In difficult days this could possibly be an superb profitable income, not having to layout huge amounts of money, and wasting stressful days waiting to be acknowledged. Many self-employed opportunities may appear your way if websites and companies like what you show them. Talent and skill are a wonderful gift but more satisfying if others can recognize the value of your challenging hard work too.

My Christian name is Paula and drawing has continually been my passion and hobby.Actually right from small all I can remember is drawing and coloring in the living room with my sister, long before computers were dreamed of. Colouring books were permanently top of the listing for Christmas time and there were a number of pretty naff pictures to colour in those early days I can tell you. But if drawing was where your heart was you did not care really on where or how you scribbled, it was solely the peaceful satisfaction and pleasure gained from it even at a young age. Now it seems we can bring together the old basic art of pencil and paper with the latest promotion techniques on line. Get Paid To Draw is a fantastic training program which can demonstrate you each step. From how to submit your pictures, to printing advertisements for agencies. Learn this exciting small business from Jules Camber who’s trod the path beforehand, and side stepped all the pitfalls to create an straightforward technique to financial benefit for individuals who love their art!

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