How to Take Your Drawing to Photoshop and Illustrator

How to Take Your Drawing to Photoshop and Illustrator
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If you have a painting, and you want to refine it, you can use Photoshop illustrator. You need to follow some of the steps before you get a refined painting. This will give a new dimension to your painting; refining your painting capabilities and giving you edge over other contemporaries. Using this procedure the perfection is bought, and it makes your imagination a reality.

However, the only hurdle between your painting and an illustrator is the “way to get your painting in to the illustrator”. You must be brains storming about this thing. Let me make things easy for you. It is quite an easy task to perform and get your painting in to the illustrator. You just have to follow some of the few steps:

Step # 1: Scanning your painting

If you have developed a painting by your hands and want it to be refined through the Photoshop illustrator what you need to do is: Scan it. However, sometimes it happens that your painting is the way bigger than a scanner so you feel it as a setback for the way to the refined photo. Don’t lose hope you do have ways. Get your painting captured through the lenses of a camera and get in to your computer.

Thing to make sure: high resolution scanning of your picture is a must.

Step # 2: Transportation of the file to the program i.e. illustrator.

Once you are done with the scanning and getting your painting in to your computer the next step is getting the file of your painting transferred ion to the program i.e. illustrator. Now, the refined painting is few clicks away.

Step# 3: Work on each layer of colors:

Define the layers of the colors you have in your painting and work with each individually. This will help you get, I to the details.

Step# 4: Work on the layers of the pencils.

This is the fourth step of refining your painting. The illustrator is capable of determining the pencil smoothness and also the layers. You have numbered of tools made available with the illustrator which will facilitate you in getting to the layers of your painting.

Once you are done with each layer of the painting you can take a look at the collective effects of these layers.

More advantages of the Photo shop illustrator:

People do also use Photoshop illustrator for filling in the colors to their paintings. Those who are skillful in drawing and sketching to make use of the illustrator in this way. Illustrator gives a finish to the painting. Illustrator never let a stroke go wrong so, a perfect painting makes it ways out of it. In the case you have a wrong stroke you can press Control + z to undo your stroke, not an option available with real painting. You can undo whole lots of things which such as color, layers and applied effects etc.

Using the Photoshop illustrator you have to lot of options for coming out with a perfect painting.

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