How To Touch Up Faces and Skin with Photoshop

How To Touch Up Faces and Skin with Photoshop
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In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of touching up faces and skin in Photoshop. Everyone has a picture or two where they or a loved one has had a bad acne day or whose skin just didn’t come out right under the light. Touching up the picture properly can turn a good photograph into a great one.

Things You Will Need

Photoshop (I use CS4 but any version should do fine)

Step 1

Identifying the Problems

The first step when touching up a photo is to identify which elements of the photo you want to correct. This is meant as a starting point to plan your strategy for tackling the photo. Later on, you can always reevaluate the photo and decide if other elements need correcting.

I’ve chosen a particularly unflattering picture of Kim Kardashian (courtesy of the kind folks of to illustrate this tutorial. We can see that she has an acne breakout on the right side of the image as well as uneven skin coloration throughout. Additionally her eyes lack any detail and her lips are missing out a bit of color. Her hair could also use a bit of work but for this guide we will ignore it.

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