New Iphone Apps 2012

New Iphone Apps 2012
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When I got my iPhone last summer it was 6 months before I got any apps and 2 more months before I realized my iPhone was a functional iPod. I was just too busy working to pay attention, I guess.

When I noticed that I wasn’t taking advantage of everything I had paid for I became determined to find out what I was missing. What are the best new iPhone apps, anyway?

After all, iPhones aren’t exactly cheap; even if you qualified for the reduced price it comes with a hefty commitment in the form of lengthy contracts and fairly high monthly rates compared to a regular flip phone.

So I set out on a mission to find the best new iPhone apps and get my money’s worth out of the thing. Oh, and I synced it with my iTunes library and now I’m rockin’ my tunes, dude!

So here are some of the best new iPhone apps released in 2012:

Plants War

ABC Family

Camera Awesome

Pimp Your Screen

Bejeweled Blitz (my girlfriend likes this)

Fancy Pants

Scramble With Friends

MotionX Sleep

Plumber Crack

Rage Comics 🙂

Color Messages – color texting

USA TODAY for iPhone

Draw Something

Draw Something Free


Zuma’s Revenge! (my girlfriend also likes this)

Midway Arcade

Coco Loco

Old Booth Magic – age before your very eyes!

Scramble With Friends Free

Fast Camera

Police Chase Smash

DOOORS – room escape game

Dot Lock Protection

Adventure Bar Story

Icons Pro – Customizing your Screen

MLB .com At Bat – a way to follow baseball

Tom’s Love Letters – valentines cards

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage

Cut the Rope: Experiments Free

Move the Box

Dot Lock Protection

Fancy Pants Lite


Lep’s World Plus

Star Walk – an astronomy guide

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Tap Paradise Cove

Diptic – photo collage editor

Draw Something – Helper

Considering there are over 500,000 iPhone apps now it can be a lot to sort through to find the best new iPhone apps. All of these apps were released in or after January 2012 and have made it to the top of the download lists. Reviews of these apps and others abound on the internet and there is a site where you can find user reviews or review apps yourself to let people know what you think.

Many of them were released in the beginning of March. Some are also free. So you don’t have to worry about falling behind the curve on the best new iPhone apps, because nobody’s had them longer than a couple of months.

You know what that means right? Updates. They just get better and better… Expect a bunch of them to be updated over the next little bit and you might want to check periodically for updates to any you pick up.

I haven’t tried all of the best new iPhone apps so let everyone know what you think about any you’ve used. Which you like or don’t like, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it!

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