News To All Music Afficionados: Welcome To Amazon Cloud Service!

News To All Music Afficionados: Welcome To Amazon Cloud Service!
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There’s another big player in the cloud-based music industry that many people still don’t know much about. Let’s welcome: Amazon Cloud Drive!

The Amazon Cloud Drive And Player is a music cloud service provided by Amazon. It gives Amazon account holders 5GB of free storage, which can hold up to 1,000 songs. The Amazon Cloud Drive can also store photos and videos.

Storage upgrades start at $20.00 per year for an extra 15 GB which also qualifies users for unlimited Cloud Drive song storage, and is capped at $1,000 a year for 1,000 GB of storage.

Amazon Cloud Drive uses Amazon Cloud Player which is a browser-based application that supports Mac and PC computers and iPad devices. It requires that javascript is enabled and the latest version of Adobe Flash on Internet Explorer 8 and newer, Firefox version 3.5 and above, Chrome and Safari.

Users can access the Cloud Player from their computer by clicking on any track in the Cloud Drive or via Android devices using the Amazon MP3 for Android app.

Purchasing individual songs from Amazon generally costs between $0.99 cents up to $1.29.

Songs sold from Amazon Cloud music service are in DRM-free MP3 format and are encoded at a rate of 256Kbps.


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