On The Road To Comic-Con: Interview With Dan Didio, Co-Publisher Of DC Entertainment

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Today we’ve got another article in a series of interviews recently conducted for Technorati’s Road To Comic-Con coverage. From July 12th to the 15th, almost 150,000 people will lay siege to the city of San Diego and its Convention Center to experience the largest pop culture event in North America. For one week, Comic-Con International is the center of the world.

We spoke with Dan Didio who is the Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment. DC Entertainment is one of the two biggest publishers of comic books and releases comics like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. They literally publish dozens of comic books weekly and provide intellectual property to the film divisions of their corporate owners Time Warner.

Didio, launched into the discussion with a vigorous level of enthusiasm and routine as though conversations with press are an hourly activity. And that’s not an unreasonable assertion. They regularly publish some of the biggest selling comic books on the market. Their franchises are continuously ported to other media like games, television shows and movies. This includes a little film opening on the 20th called The Dark Knight that he was preparing for. All of this he described as the "depth and breath of DC Entertainment."

"The New 52 was launched last September," he said with exclamation. "It was fantastic how it brought in numerous new fans as well as how it brought back many older readers. We’re building up to what we’re calling Zero Month on the one year anniversary."

New is meeting old, in their current publishing cycle as their Before Watchmen initiative has brought some great talent together. This is a series of prequels exploring the universe created by writer Alan Moore in his ground-breaking maxi-series Watchmen. "We knew a lot of people would be looking at this and comparing it to the original series," said Didio with a touch of excitement. "The reaction from the fans was better than we expected, but it wasn’t surprising given the level of talent we brought on to the projects. It’s been fun and nerve-wracking."

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