Our conifer champ.

Our conifer champ.
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`dabbled dab·ble  

v. dab·bled, dab·bling, dab·bles


To splash or spatter with or as if with a liquid: “The moon hung over the harbor dabbling the waves with gold”  in poetry since high school. He won a blue ribbon in the ninth grade at the snowflakes snowflakes

small patches of gray or white hair acquired after birth. Skin color is unchanged. See also achromotrichia, vitiligo.  and other ornaments, folks have been coming in and blurting out, “Oh, a Charlie Brown tree.” Either that, or they haven’t said a word for fear of it being taken as an insult, Larry Grubka said with a laugh.

Other contest entries that caught our eye included one that didn’t even need words. It was a creative illustration submitted by Lindsay Monroe, showing four of her college freinds riding in a sleigh and waving at all the Smurflike elves that surrounded our tree, topped by a shining star on a snowy, to set sail (Naut.) to unfurl or spread the sails; hence, to begin a voyage.

See also: Sail  …”

Some entries came with titles, from “A Tree Like Us” to “The Poor Tree Essay” to “Lonely Boughs.”

An entry sung to the tune of “O Christmas Tree” went like this: “O pitiful tree, O puny tree, you’re the tree most unsightly … O stupid tree, O woodshed wood·shed  


A shed in which firewood is stored.

intr.v. wood·shed·ded, wood·shed·ding, wood·sheds Slang

To practice on a musical instrument.

Noun 1.  for a strangling.”


In the end, however, it was Glubka’s clever and evocative poem about a father and son finding a humble, half-priced tree known as “The Champion Conifer,” that won him another blue ribbon.


My son shuffles his galoshes along wet asphalt.

Our breath escapes our lips like pipe smoke.

9:23 a.m.; we are alone with Ski

and his no-tail terrier.

I ask to see The Champion Conifer.

He winks his sole eye, scratches

silver whiskers, leads the way.

We stop at the base of a Noble Fir:

dense, silvery, regal.

Ski says it will keep well,

a tree a man can be proud of.

“Dad! over here.”

I approach my son.

Ski lurks in my shadow and spindly spin·dly  

adj. spin·dli·er, spin·dli·est

Slender and elongated, especially in a way that suggests weakness.



[-dlier, -dliest  trunk, patchy needles,

height its only virtue.

“I like it Dad. All the others are

boring, too perfect.”

At 10 my son is already an

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