Slylock Fox Offers Halloween Safety Tips

Slylock Fox Offers Halloween Safety Tips
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Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) October 23, 2004 –

ÂÂ- Slylock Fox, a syndicated comic character known for his super sleuthing and problem solving abilities, is using his talents to reveal uncommon clues and top tips for a safe and happy Halloween.

For the kids, Slylock Fox suggests:

•    Ask an adult to help you choose or make a costume that will be safe. Masks should be well ventilated and have eye areas large enough for good peripheral vision.

•    Instead of a mask, make-up is a great alternative, but have an adult help you apply the right kind.

•    Do not carve a pumpkin without adult supervision and the proper, safe carving tools.

•    While Trick or Treating, accept treats at the door. Do not go inside a stranger’s house.

•    Do not eat any treats until they have been inspected by your parents. Parents are like Slylock Fox, great investigators.

•    Carry a flashlight. People can’t see in the dark as well as foxes can.

•    Wear light clothing or reflective tape so that people driving cars can see you.

•    Bring a parent, guardian, or an older brother or sister with you on your Trick or Treating route.

•    Tell your parents where you are going and do not go anywhere else.

•    Walk on sidewalks whenever possible, not in the street.

•    Only approach houses with outside lights on. ItÂÂ’s a sign of welcome. Usually, when a house is dark, no one is home, or they ran out of treats anyway.

•    Stay in a group; don’t go off on your own. Like Slylock Fox and his friend Max Mouse, always stick together.

•    Abide by parentÂÂ’s rules, especially curfews. Don’t let them worry that you’ve encountered an unfriendly ghost.

•    Don’t eat too much candy. Last year, Slylock Fox got a bellyache and could not go investigating.

For all the parents, Slylock has some reminders:

•    If you are going to an adult Halloween party, do not drink and drive. Especially when so many children are out Trick or Treating, careful driving is even more important. Halloween has enough horror stories.

•    Consider throwing a Halloween party for your kids and their friends. Keeps children safe in one place.

•    Treat kids to a spooky Halloween meal. TheyÂÂ’ll have plenty of energy and less likely to eat candy before you can check it. Slylock Fox recommends worms and eyeballs in blood (pasta and meatball sauce) or hot witches brew (soup).

•    Know the route your kids will be taking if you aren’t going with them.

•    Consider giving out an alternative to candy, such as Halloween themed pens, pencils, stickers, or temporary tattoos. Deductive reasoning means that parents wonÂÂ’t be tempted to eat the left overs.

•    Make sure your own home is well lit and that there is a clear path to the door.

•    Make pumpkin carving a family event. Everyone can have a task.

•    Establish a curfew. Good little detectives are always on time and need rest.

•    If you set-up jack-o-lanterns with candles in them, make sure that they are far enough out of the way so that kidÂÂ’s costumes cannot catch on fire. Consider using a glow stick instead.

•    Review basic safety precautions with kids for several days before Halloween and right before they leave the house.

Slylock Fox says, following these few, simple tips can keep Halloween fun, safe, and spooky. Halloween is a fun event; vandalism can spoil a good time, and it is against the law. Use logic and good judgment and you will always have a happy Halloween!

Created in 1987 by Bob Weber Jr., Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids is a childrenÂÂ’s activity newspaper page and internet website featuring an intelligent, friendly cast of regular characters that teach and entertain young readers. In Slylock Fox, Weber created super-sleuth, Slylock Fox to challenge children to solve visual mysteries, while other characters intrigue children with word and math games. In other segments of the feature, Weber teaches kids about nature, pet care, self-esteem, health, and step-by-step techniques on how to draw. Each week, Weber publishes one drawing by a reader in the daily comic and one in the Sunday comic in recognition of the developing talents of his young fans.

Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids has received prominent awards and rave reviews from prestigious parenting and media publications. Receiving the Parent’s Choice Approval Commendation by the Parent’s Choice Foundation, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids was the first comic strip to be honored by the Parents’ Choice Foundation. In addition, the Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids website has received the following awards: Educational Best Bet Award from USA Today, Showcase (website) Site of the Week, Best of the Net Award from, and Best of the Web in the comics category by Slylock Fox is an international character. Syndicated by King Features, Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids, is seen in nearly 450 newspapers throughout the world for a combined circulation of 17 million, making it the most successful kidÂÂ’s activity newspaper section. Parents and children recognize him as an established character that has a purpose for teaching children in a fun way.


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