Superman Back In Action! This Time Barefoot Across America, Green Lantern Movie Update

Superman Back In Action! This Time Barefoot Across America, Green Lantern Movie Update
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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the last son of Krypton! In the last decade Superman was pretty much abused, the man of steel: dies, resurrected to a Superboy, returns with a hippie hair, becomes an energy creator, then gets married.

Again now, the most enduring superhero has begun a cross-country trek in Philly. He can’t fly, he’ll have to walk this time. With all his intelligence and strength he has still have to learn geography and in todays recession he has to clean a storeroom  in order to have a meal. (Philly-cheesesteak)

Superman opens the 12-issue grounded series that aims to revive the 72 year old superhero role as the defender of the powerless, a themed the resonated with the depression era readers. Superman debut in 1938 in the heights of the depression, same intention of opening it today where America is mingling a recession. Expect him to step into shadows as someone who supported all sides as long it is decent and fair.

In DC  superhero comics latest issue of Superman which hit the stands yesterday, the man of steel embarks a year long journey. Next stop is Detroit where he will tackle issues like poverty and unemployment. Subsequent locations are based on fans request about their town and how Superman inspire them.

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Speaking superhero, another DC Comics masterpiece will hit on the screen in superhero named Green Lantern. A space patrolman who guards against evil and injustice, a lantern is armed with quick wit, courage and an invincible of justice called a power ring.

In the movie Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, a pilot who was inducted to the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern can not only fly at 60 feet per second but he can also create different different objects and weapons based on his imagination.  In the comics, the Green Lantern has used his ring to create cages, shields, and wormholes, just to name a few.

It’s a promising character who has had less than promising representations in real life.

Apparently Ryan Reynolds was injured his shoulder while filming this movie.

>>>Read the injury story here

Reynolds is no stranger to playing cocky characters from the Comic Book canon. He took on the role of aX-Men Origins, Wolverine,Blade: anda successful revival withThe Dark Knight.

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