The Justice Department Continues Going After Alabama

The Justice Department Continues Going After Alabama
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Not content to block Alabama in the courts, the Justice Department is also waging a campaign in the court of public opinion against Alabama’s new immigration law.  They’ve now set up a hotline and email account for people affected by the law to lodge complaints.

As luck would have it, I used to run the outsourced hotline for the public to report complaints to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  I can’t get too specific, but a sizeable portion of the U.S. population is insane, and we spent a lot of time meticulously documenting the ranting of lunatics.  Based upon those calls, you got the feeling that at least one black helicopter was assigned to monitor every trailer park west of the Mississippi.

I have a hunch this hotline is going to be an even bigger waste of time.  I just tried calling it at 1-855-353-1010, and the English mailbox was already full, and I was only given the option to disconnect.  That’s our government in a nutshell.  It continues grasping for more authority while incompetently managing what’s already on its plate.

I have a solution.  Hire the illegal immigrants from Alabama to staff the hotline.  Most are now out of work, and I’m sure would work for far less than the six-figure salary and benefits package current federal workers receive.  While we’re at it, why not just cut the federal workforce by 25% and fill those positions with illegal immigrants.  It will save the country a ton of money, and since most are dependant on public transportation, the traffic in the DC area will improve overnight. 

Just look at the private sector.  Unchecked immigration has done wonders for the lower and middle classes.  Why not share that success with some of the highest earning employees in the nation.


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