‘The Originals’ Spoilers: EP Julie Plec Talks ‘Vampire Diaries’ Crossovers, Witches, Retelling the Pilot, and More

‘The Originals’ Spoilers: EP Julie Plec Talks ‘Vampire Diaries’ Crossovers, Witches, Retelling the Pilot, and More
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If you’ve been a fan of The Vampire Diaries for the past four seasons and especially of the Original family, then the upcoming spinoff, The Originals is for you. It’s also just one of Julie Plec’s shows in the fall, and she addressed that and much more when Gather.com caught up with her in the press room at Comic-Con.

Retelling the pilot “We definitely get to have our fun where we get to retell the first episode when we get into October and re-set the stage,” she previewed. “Then we jump forward and we bring Rebekah into town and we just start unraveling the history of Marcel, New Orleans, and this family and what they all meant to each other and how, and it instantly gives us an extra layer of mystery and intrigue and romance and it lets us launch right into a very rich sort of operatic world that I think people will really respond to. I hope people really respond to it.”

There may be some changes to mythology but “Every time we come up with something that we’ve already established into Vampire Diaries, we say, ‘Do we want to keep this rule exactly the same or do we want to modify it?’ If we decide to modify it, we come up with a reason why in this particular community, it’s modified, even if it’s subtle,” Plec explained. For example, the witches. In Vampire Diaries, it’s all about spirit magic. In The Originals, it’s all about ancestral magic, which is a term we made up, but basically the idea that what they worship is their own bloodline and in these cemeteries, it’s just generations upon generations of their own dead, which the spirits, the power of those witches just lingering, so the witches are able to draw power from that, but if they were to walk away from that, they wouldn’t have anything to draw power from, so they’d basically just be tarot card readers and herb growers. They don’t have the same sort of direct access to the spirit magic world like they do on Vampire.”

Will there be The Originals/The Vampire Diaries crossovers? Most likely yes. “I would love to see Matt Donovan on The Originals or I would love to see Rebekah back in Mystic Falls with Matt Donovan,” the EP admitted. “I think we actually have really good ideas for how to occasionally pepper in great crossover opportunities, not for sweeps or not for stunts, but truly because there’s this history and these characters that we really want to get to play with. We shall see.”

Check out the video interview below for more from Julie Plec about The Originals and more.

What are you hoping to see in The Originals‘ first season this fall?

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