What qualities make someone a hero?

What qualities make someone a hero?
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What makes someone a hero? A job, title, or maybe a uniform; maybe we should first define what a hero is. A hero is defined as someone with courage or someone with noble qualities. Comic books will have us believe a hero is someone with superpowers or cool gadgets. However a true hero is a simple man, woman or child who someone looks up to or relies on.

Anyone can be a hero. What defines a hero is the person that believes they are a hero. A parent to a child learning to walk, ride a bike or hit a baseball, an actress or singer to a young girl, a doctor to a patient, an athlete to a young boy.

The different qualities a hero can have vary in who defines the hero. A child looks to their parent for guidance and support. A young girl looks to an actress or singer as a role model. A patient will look to their doctor for guidance and know-how. A young boy will look to an athlete to learn and as a role model. These heroes all have different qualities that make them heroes in the eyes of people looking up to them.

What qualities do we look for in our heroes? Strong moral fiber, upstanding citizens, big hearts, selflessness; these are all good qualities a hero has. Fireman, policeman and soldiers to name a few, all put their own lives on the line to make our lives safer. Parents watch their children grow, help them, teach them, and praise them. All heroes have qualities that define them as heroes. Those of us that believe they are heroes and look up to them see different qualities. One hero may hold different qualities to different people. You need to look at the people that look up to heroes to see the qualities that heroes hold.

Most heroes do not go into their job wanting to be heroes. Most heroes will not admit that they are heroes. These are good qualities for a hero to have. Heroes who do not believe they are heroes make the best heroes. Once it gets into someone’s head that they are a hero, they no long hold the main quality. Heroes are humble. You have to be humble to be a hero. Once you are no longer humble; people will no longer look to you as a hero.

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