Why Your Kids Should Learn How To Make Origami Animals

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With so many recreational activities available for kids like video games and sports such as skateboarding, it’s hard to pick one that will benefit your child the most and help him develop your child’s individuality and strengths.

One of the more popular hobbies that are on a steady rise nowadays is Origami. This form of art and hobby that originated all the way from Japan is known as the art of paper folding. Out from paper, Origami enthusiasts learn how to create roses, fishes, cranes, etc.

For kids, however, it is advised that start with the easier Origami crafts – origami animals. BUT why should your kids learn how to make Origami instead of playing video games or learning how to skate?

Let me show you the 3 reasons why.

Learn How To Make Origami Animals – Reason 1

Creating Origami animals need one to follow a detailed set of directions. By teaching your child how to make Origami animals, you’ll be teaching your child how to adhere or follow directions. And when you realize that knowing how to follow directions plays a great role in your child’s mental growth and development, teaching your child how to make Origami animals becomes even more valuable.

Learn How To Make Origami Animals – Reason 2

Many studies were made as to how the brain functions when creating origami animals. It has been found that, although on the surface it seems that your hands are doing all the work, the brain is also great activity by sending out impelled motor impulses that activate the language portion of the brain.

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