Draw & Paint Fantasy Females Promo Offer

Draw & Paint Fantasy Females Promo Offer
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Title : Draw & Paint Fantasy Females
ASIN : 1600613055
Description :

Readers will learn how to draw and paint truly fabulous fantasy females with this practical and inspirational guide for improver artists. Fleming demonstrates the basics of female anatomical structure, how to use both drawing and painting media effectively, and how to design and build fantasy female characters. Key to this subject matter is capturing female allure, and there are specific sections that tackle female pose, expression, clothing, hair and makeup.

Draw & Paint Fantasy Females
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Category: Fantasy
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Rating : 4.1
Rating : 12
Review : An Average Book with a Few Good Tips
Impact, which publishes art instructional books, generally does a good job with the books they print; some are of better quality than others, however. “Draw and Paint Fantasy Females” is a decent how-to-draw book, but unexceptional, though it does offer a few good tips.

What this book won’t tell you, and what every artist must eventually learn, is no single book will fully teach you how to draw anything, let alone the human figure. A book can give you a good start and provide some inspiration, etc., but you will need many books and years of practice before you master drawing.

With that said, Tom Fleming, the writer/artist of this book, who is obviously talented (I’ve seen his work in other venues previous to this book) does a decent job of outlining the process of drawing and painting the female figure. The book is divided up into five chapters and closes with a gallery of Mr. Fleming’s work. It is, basically, of the “omnibus” type of how-to-draw books, which,…

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