Cartooning the Head and Figure Big Discount

Cartooning the Head and Figure Big Discount
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Title : Cartooning the Head and Figure
ASIN : 0399508031
Description :

Are there new ways of opening the field of cartooning to any one who likes to draw?

Here are tried and proven methods that explain, simplify and teach every one, regardless of age, the art of cartooning. Step by step procedures with more than 3,000 illustrations . . .

Cartooning the Head and Figure
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Category: Figure Drawing
Brand: Perigee Trade
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Review : The greatest intoduction to CARTOONING ever written
“Cartooning the Head & Figure” –by Jack Hamm

Artist and Christian minister Jack Hamm passed from this world at the age of 81. He illustrated the notable cartoon strip characters “BUGS BUNNY” and “ALLEY OOP” early in his career as an artist. He wrote and illustrated over 25 books on drawing. He pioneered an early TV show on drawing instruction in the Dallas/Houston Texas area.

I admit I am not an expert on fine art, but after reviewing many books which teach beginners HOW-TO-DRAW, it is my sincere opinion that Jack Hamm is the finest instructor America ever produced. Hamm almost never composed text, or used wordy explanations about drawing something. Hamm drew you a picture or series of pictures and showed how it might be done. He did not do this …”sometimes” in his books. Hamm did this ALL THE TIME, whether it was cartoon figures, seascapes, landscapes, or drawing the human figure.

That is why any effort to list all the…

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