How To Draw Manga Volume 28: Couples (v. 28) Big SALE

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Title : How To Draw Manga Volume 28: Couples (v. 28)
ASIN : 4766112415

How To Draw Manga Volume 28: Couples (v. 28)
List Price : $19.99

Category: Figure Drawing
Brand: Graphic-Sha
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.7
Rating : 32
Review : Drawing Couples Explained
Drawing people in relation to one another is challenging and has eluded me for a time. After reading through this book, it became easier for me to portray them. Hayashi did a wonderful job of breaking down every aspect in simple, easy to understand terms and images. For example, the walking couples section is broken down into several sub-sections with other areas done in a similar fashion:

-walking side by side

-holding hands while walking

-pulling arms while walking

-female holding onto male hand while walking

-female being pulled by male while walking

-clinging to arm while walking (male & female, same-sex, rear view)

-arm over shoulder (carrying arm over shoulder, arm behind back, two males, two females)

-placing hand on shoulder

-wrapping arm around the waist

This book focuses on male and female couples but Hayashi also included same-sex relationships. Not all couples…

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