How To Draw Comics: By The Pros Big Discount

How To Draw Comics: By The Pros Big Discount
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Title : How To Draw Comics: By The Pros
ASIN : 1456561480
Description : Do you want to learn how to draw? You found the right book! Do you want to know how to draw comics? Or maybe learn how to make an comic figure fly? This book is full of secret techniques, that the top professional artists have known for years. This book walks you step by step in teaching you how to fine tune the skills needed to draw comic book anatomy. Heads, hands, faces, and, of course, super muscles. All the top names in comics combine their great talents and years of comic drawing experience in this book. To teach you all their refined techniques, on mastering the skills of comic book drawing. This book shows you step by step, word for word, how to become a comic book artist. This is not just a book, it is a scolastic service. A must have.

How To Draw Comics: By The Pros
List Price : $19.95
Price : $17.95
Saved Price : $2.00

Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Rating : 2.0
Rating : 1
Review : Not very good at all, and mysterious as well.
Let me first say that, as far as I can tell, this book is a reproduction of a book published by Great Sky in 1995. However, when originally published, the cover said: edited by Gary Brodsky with Al Occhino. With this book, Gary Brodsky’s name is omitted from the cover. Who is Al Occhino? The back cover only provides this incredibly vain statement: “Albert Occhini, is a publishing and marketing entrepreneur, whose brilliant strategies and business manuevers have shaped a lot of what you see in magazines and newspaper distribution worldwide”.

What is strange about this book is that it says “by the pros”. And whom are these pros you ask? That’s a good question, because the book makes no mention at all of any, nor does it even say who illustrated the photos. In fact, barely anything is said at all in this mere 90 page picture book. The drawings aren’t even that good, and most look like quick sketches.

From what I gather, the person who made the illustrations is Rich…

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