Draw Comic Book Action On Sale

Draw Comic Book Action On Sale
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Title : Draw Comic Book Action
ASIN : 1440308136
Description :

What does every aspiring comic artist REALLY want to draw? Action, of course! Learn how to render all aspects of adrenalin-filled movement, from jaw-dropping superhero antics to kick-ass fistfights.

  • Techniques for drawing every dynamic action are explained, from body contact and flying through to fistfights, group rumbles and full-on battles
  • Clever exercises show how to achieve convincing movement, from dynamic standing poses, to running, swinging, flying and fighting
  • An Action File of comic character drawings in dynamic poses forms an invaluable resource for practice and reference

Draw Comic Book Action
List Price : $19.99
Price : $13.83
Saved Price : $6.16

Category: Illustration
Brand: David & Charles
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.4
Rating : 5
Review : Great with some experience
This book is very good at breaking down the whole idea of action in comic books, its short on words and sweet on the pictures. The best part about this book is that it shows most of the information via drawing and step by step build up of the figures. The only thing to remember is that this book will NOT teach ANATOMY! So if you would like to really benefit from it, its best to purchase an anatomy book for art along with it or to study anatomy before buying this book. All in all if you are decent with human anatomy then this book will be pure fun and it also provides many of the most common and dynamic comic book action poses and along with that some ideas on how to build a scene.
So if you get his book, don’t expect to get any anatomy lessons…those you need to find on your own but aside from that its a great launch pad for understanding and learning how to draw action for comic books. The next step to learning action for drawing would be to simply use comic books for reference.

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