Drawing Crime Noir: For Comics and Graphic Novels Discount !!

Drawing Crime Noir: For Comics and Graphic Novels Discount !!
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Title : Drawing Crime Noir: For Comics and Graphic Novels
ASIN : 0823023990
Description : Crime Noir is the most sophisticated, exciting, and dangerous comic book genre around. It is the highly stylized, modern version of such classic 1950s films as “The Maltese Falcon” and “The Asphalt Jungle”. Modern crime noir is exploding in popularity with movies such as “Batman Begins” and graphic novels such as Frank Miller’s “Sin City”. This genre focuses on the mean streets of the city and its amoral characters. Picture windswept streets, deep shadowy figures, reckless woman, men without conscience, reluctant heroes, and boulevards of fear. It’s the desperation of ordinary men, and the loneliness of the action hero. “Drawing Crime Noir” teaches the aspiring artist how to use all of the latest techniques and principles to create the moody world of crime noir. Extensive instruction is offered in the use of shadows to create intense comic book moods and suspense. And there’s more: the costumes of noir – the trench coats and sunglasses of the nihilistic characters: the mobbed-up politicians on the take; and the hit men who keep order; the sexy women who would just as soon kill you as kiss you; techniques for creating dark, brooding, costumed action heroes; and how to turn an ordinary comic book scene into a crime noir scene and how to draw the weapons that the criminals use to make crime pay. Strong, cutting-edge imagery shows artists how to make crime pay. Superstar Christopher Hart explores a new genre. It is perfect for anyone interested in drawing for comic books or graphic novels.

Drawing Crime Noir: For Comics and Graphic Novels
List Price : $19.95
Price : $13.47
Saved Price : $6.48

Category: Illustration
Brand: Watson Guptill
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.1
Rating : 25
Review : Book Title Should Read “Good Examples of Comic Art”…
Honestly, that’s what it is – a book full of nice examples of comic art, specifically dealing with noir atmosphere.

Same problem affects all books, written by Mr. Hart – they’re amazing, if you will look at them as just coffee table books. Unfortunately, they’re marketed as books that are supposed to teach you how to draw and it won’t happen, judging by the fact that there are very few comments related to drawing process itself.

So 1 star for marketing, 4 (or 5) stars for pictures.

My advice is this – borrow it from the library, but don’t spend 20 dollars on it, unless you want a coffee table book.

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