How To Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles Discount !!

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Title : How To Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles
ASIN : 4766111478
Description : Educational, entertaining and extremely constructive manual on the Manga’s Art

How To Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles
List Price : $19.99

Category: Manga
Brand: Graphic-Sha
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.2
Rating : 37
Review : Wonderful For Drawing Fight Scenes!
This book is one of a large series of books, and is not for beginners. It doesn’t provide a step-by-step guide for drawing, and if you are a beginner I suggest searching for the first three books in the series. The guidelines and pictures provided in the book are very helpful, however. It covers many different forms of fighting, how to show a character dodging or being hit, jumping, tired or defeated characters, and an entire section devoted to fighting girls in sailor suits. Be warned, there is a bit of nudity to provide outlines for the characters, but it is fairly mild. The translation can be a bit choppy in placed, which is why I gave it four stars, but the illustrations are very helpful. Check it out if you want to draw manga!

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