Manga Mania: Shonen: Drawing Action-Style Japanese Comics Get Rabate

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Title : Manga Mania: Shonen: Drawing Action-Style Japanese Comics
ASIN : 193302769X
Description :

Manga devotees—especially fanboys—will welcome the latest installment in Chris Hart’s blockbuster, bestselling series. Shonen manga stories feature male protagonists in action-packed, often humorous plots. Boys in particular devour the genre’s most popular works, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, and Death Note. With Chris’s help, they can feed their passion further and learn how to draw all the essential shonen characters: teen heroes, violent samurai, girl ninjas, hideous monsters, masked warlords, tomboy fighter girls, giant battling robot-buddies, evil martial arts masters, and more. Step-by-step demonstrations break down the drawings so that artists of any level can follow along.
Filled with top-notch art instruction, tons of visual tips, and over 350 drawings in the authentic Japanese style, this is the essential resource for all manga maniacs.

Manga Mania: Shonen: Drawing Action-Style Japanese Comics
List Price : $19.95
Price : $13.43
Saved Price : $6.52

Category: Manga
Brand: Chris Hart Books
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Rating : 4.4
Rating : 13
Review : Great cover…decent book
Thought this book bears Christopher Hart’s name it doesn’t contain any of his art, not a big deal since 90% of the contributing artists are great.
Feels more like a “coffee table book” than a “how to book”, but then again it never really claims to be a how to book.

I have just recently come to the realization that 80% of “how to books” in the market all follow the same approach to “supposedly” teaching you how to draw…its a poor approach that unintentionally encourages you to copy and produce flat lifeless work. This book is no different, don’t get me wrong the art is great and the character designs are cool, but the tutorials are poor and don’t really get into any real detail or cover any basic structures of drawing (save for the head), then again its not a “beginners guide” but it would be nice to have a all in one book.
Its also covers some page design and a few other subjects.

I suppose its a great “ideas” book since it covers a wide range of…

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