Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch SALE

Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch SALE
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Title : Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch
Description : In this first DVD of a series on comic book illustration techniques, David Finch takes you step-by-step through the processes he uses to create the highly detailed pencils of a comic book page. This lecture will lead you from the very basics of tube forms and page layouts to the finishing techniques of rendering and texturing an image. You’ll also learn about the physical tools used by the artist to create various effects and backgrounds. This DVD also gives you a first-hand look at the evolutionary process an artist undertakes in the conception and development of a new character, including the artist’s thoughts and decision making, and how mistakes and design problems can be resolved when they arise.

Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch
List Price : $49.00
Price : $49.00

Category: Movies
Brand: Gnomon Workshop
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Rating : 4.2
Rating : 4
Review : Another non tutorial
If you want a good tutorial in so far as explanation of process then get the one by Stephen Platt.

Although David draws great this video is mainly of him drawing and trying to explain what he’s drawing and how except, well he doesn’t even know.

Not very good for up and coming artists who want to learn. It’s more just a show to watch someone draw. To become a solid artist in illustration you need to know the hows and whys behind a creation and this video falls short of that.

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