Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Comics Studio SALE

Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Comics Studio SALE
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Title : Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Comics Studio
ASIN : 1600613276
Description :

Bryan Hitch has illustrated some of the most famous characters and worlds in the comic industry, including The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The Ultimates and Captain America.

  • Discover the drawing stages he follows to create his iconic comic art, from roughing out through to finished pencils, inks and colors.
  • Look back through Bryan’s stunning portfolio and learn about the pieces he’s most proud of and how he manages to keep his work fresh.
  • Get first-hand advice on how to break into the comic world, including what to include in your portfolio, who to approach and when.

Bryan Hitch's Ultimate Comics Studio
List Price : $24.99
Price : $16.59
Saved Price : $8.40

Category: Pencil
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Rating : 4.4
Rating : 10
Review : Very Informative “How To Make Comics” Book!
Remember, this isn’t the “how to draw anatomy” book, this is about how to maintain your patience of making more comics without being too stressed out. It teaches you how to create quicker routes, but longer process of traditionally pencilled and inked work. If you’re the guy who likes traditional medium in comics, this is a perfect book for you.

I’m an aspiring artist, and this book is quite helpful, because he described all of his experiences of working with the interior pages. In this book, he explains how to draw with speed and accuracy in the comic industry. In order to make good comics, you gotta know your own rules of making them and turning them in on time. That’s what he explains in this book. This is highly recommended to any of you who wants to make quality art in comics!


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